Today's Best NBA Player Props - Top NBA Prop Bets (Daily Tips) (2023)

Are you looking for the best props for NBA players today? The Props Crew compiles their favorite NBA prop bets for each day of the basketball season.

First up tonight, our props analysts will outline their best props for NBA players. Then you can check out our predictions and NBA prop trends in this list. Finally, we offer a comprehensive guide to the world of NBA prop betting.

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Best NBA Player Props Today: Thursday February 16th

Spencer Limbach and Matt LaMarca go over their favorite NBA player props for today's chalkboard. Also check out our NBA props predictions and trend information below.

Spencer's Best NBA Prop Laws

Nikola Vucevic below 20.5 points (-115)

This serves as oursBest NBA bet today, which is 8.21 units more than in the season. Kyrie Irving didn't play last night which voided our bet but I still gave Darius Garland under 7.5 assists on Twitter (@Spencer_JL), so be sure to follow me over there.

Here is the overview of Vucevic under 20.5 points:

  • Vucevic has fallen below 20.5 points in four of his last five games.
  • The Bulls center has fallen below 20.5 points in two games against Milwaukee this season.
  • In fact, Vucevic has played MIL seven times as a member of the Bulls. In six of them he went below 20.5 points.
  • Milwaukee ranks 6th in defensive efficiency in center position.

The best odds for this (at the time of writing) are -115 at DraftKings Sportsbook. Let's bet 1 unit to win 0.87 units.

Where to bet:Nikola Vucevic below 20.5 points |-115 at DraftKings Sportsbook

Matt's Best NBA Prop Laws

Bucks C Brook Lopez Über 6,5 Rebounds

Lopez isn't known for his rebounding ability, but he's having one of his best seasons on the glass in recent memory. He's averaged 6.5 rebounds per game this season, which is his best since joining the Bucks in 2018. Part of that is due to a boost in minutes - he's averaging almost 7.5 extra minutes than last season - but he's also been more effective as a rebounder: his 11.2% rebound rate is his highest mark since 2015- 16 at the Nets.

(Video) 8 Best NBA Player Prop Picks and Bets for Today February 19th 2/19

Given the Bucks' current injury situation, Lopez should continue to play a little more than usual. The team will be without Bobby Portis and Pat Connaughton on Thursday while Jae Crowder is still not ready to make his team debut. There's also a chance that Giannis Antetokounmpo will rest on the last day before the All-Star break.

Overall, Lopez should be on the ground more than 30 minutes against the Bulls, who have been an underperforming rebound unit this season. They only rank 20th in team rebound rate, so Lopez should continue to find some success on the glass. He has at least nine boards in three of his last four contests, with the single exception being that he has only played 24.8 minutes.

where to bet: Brook Lopez über 6,5 Rebounds |-122 on FanDuel sportsbook

Timberwolves PG Mike Conley Over 11.5 points

Conley qualified for two games with his new team, and he compiled a typical Conley stat line in his last competition. He's not the highest-grossing scorer, but he did deliver 12 points with 50% shooting from the field and 3-point range.

That performance came against the Mavericks, who aren't an appealing matchup from a scoring standpoint. They play at the second slowest pace in the league and concede the 12th fewest points per game. Thursday's matchup against the Wizards is a little friendlier. They are mid-table in both pace and defensive efficiency, and the Timberwolves' implied team total of 118.75 sits in second place.

Ultimately, that number feels a bit low for the experienced point guard.

where to bet: Mike Conley over 11.5 points |-113 on FanDuel Sportsbook

NBA Player Props Cheat Sheet

Below are the best props for NBA players according to our projection model. To see the odds for these props, visit our matchup odds page forNBA Prop Laws.You can customize the table below to sort today's best props for NBA players across multiple stat categories.

J. McDanielsblocks0,590,517,31 %
D. Aytonsteals0,580,515,50 %
K. Leonard3P1.721.514,63 %
M.ConleyAssists7.436.514,27 %
P. GeorgAssists5.124.513,76 %
M. Morris Sr.Assists1.71.513,60 %
I. ZubacAssists0,570,513.00%
T. MannRebounds3.913.511,66 %
K. PorzingisAssists2,792.511,52 %
M. Morrissteals0,560,511,08 %
D. BookerRebounds3.863.510,32 %
J VacationPoints21.319.59,25 %
B. Beal3P1.631.58,56 %
A. Edwardsblocks0,540,58,27 %
C. Paulblocks0,540,57,25 %
D. GaffordAssists1.571.54,79 %

NBA Prop Bet Trends: Over

I. ZubacblocksOver 7/L7 (100.0%)
7 straight
O 0,5
K. LeonardPointsOver 14/L16 (87.5%)O 23.5
M.ConleyAssistsOver 6/L7 (85.7%)O 6.5
D. BookerReboundsOver 5/L6 (83.3%)O 3.5
D. AytonAssistsOver 5/L6 (83.3%)O 1.5
J. McDanielsAssistsOver 9/L11 (81.8%)O 1.5
M. MorrisPointsOver 12/L15 (80.0%)O 9.5
P. Georg3POver 4/L5 (80.0%)O 2.5
K. KuzmablocksOver 7/L9 (77.8%)O 0,5
A. EdwardsAssistsOver 9/L12 (75.0%)O 4.5

NBA Prop Bet Trends: Under

K. LeonardAssistsUnder 12/L17 (70.6%)
U 4.5
D. AytonReboundsBelow 5/L7 (71.4%)
U 11.5
A. EdwardsPointsBelow 103/L138 (74.6%)
J VacationPointsBelow 6/L8 (75.0%)
U 19.5
B. BealPointsUnder 10/L13 (76.9%)
K. PorzingisReboundsBelow 7/L9 (77.8%)
U 9.5
D. Booker3PLess than 8/L10 (80.0%)
K. KuzmastealsBelow 4/L5 (80.0%)
U 0,5
D. GaffordstealsBelow 4/L5 (80.0%)
U 0,5
T. Mann3PUnder 77/L93 (82.8%)
U 1,5

More NBA props and bets

Where to place NBA Player Props bets

The following sportsbooks offer more than enough options to meet your NBA player props needs. As mentioned before, you should always look for the best price when it comes to NBA player props.

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For a complete side-by-side list, see the overviewThe best US online sports betting bonus offers.

More Sports Betting Resources

Check out Props.comNBA-WettleitfadenAndProp betting guideto learn more about how to bet props on the world's premier professional basketball league.

For more information on the available sports betting bonuses in your state, check out some of these resources:

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Complete NBA Prop Bet Guide

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has grown into one of the largest betting markets in the worldthriving US sports betting industry. There are a number of great ways to bet on the NBA, but NBA prop betting is one of the latest trends that is growing in popularity.

(Video) NBA Player Props & Best Bets Picks for Thursday February 16th

NBA prop betting has taken on a life of its own in a way, and you'll see more of these betting options every season. If you haven't made an NBA prop bet yet, then the upcoming season is a perfect time to start.

This NBA Prop Betting Guide will help explain what this type of betting is and will also give you some tips on how to become a better bettor when it comes to this form of sports betting.

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet is unlike any other form of betting offered in the US sports betting industry. Most typical options focus on the outcome of a sporting event, but that's not the case with a prop bet.

This form of betting focuses on events that take place during a game and this is what makes this style of betting unique. NBA prop betting started out with just a handful of options, but that's no longer the case. There is currently a huge market for this type of bet and new NBA prop betting options continue to emerge.

NBA Prop Wettoptions

It's hard to predict which NBA prop betting options will be offered by each individual sportsbook, but there are some options that are pretty standard. This list has continued to grow over the past few years, and that should be a common thread going forward.

Here are some of the best NBA prop betting markets you will see in sportsbook, but more could always be added on a case-by-case basis.

NBA draft props

Before the NBA season even begins each year, the NBA draft takes place. This has turned out to be one of the biggest nights on the NBA calendar, and it's also a great time to make an NBA prop bet.

There are a number of different ways to bet on the NBA Draft and all of the different options would be considered a prop bet. Here are some of the common NBA draft choices you might see:

  • Who will be the first player to be drafted overall?
  • Will the first player be from the United States or an international prospect?
  • Which conference will have the most first-round draft picks?

NBA player props

The most common NBA prop betting option you will see, and also the most popular, is what is known as the custom prop bet. Also known as an NBA player prop bet, this is a bet placed on a specific statistic for an NBA player.

Sportsbooks will have long lists for this type of bet as they try to get as much action as possible. Usually only the best players are featured in each game, but you can also find options for reserve players.

It is difficult to find potential options for these types of bets as there is such a long list out there.


A team prop bet is very similar to an individual prop bet, but focuses on a team and not just an individual. This has become a popular NBA prop betting option as some bettors tend to prefer betting on a team rather than just looking at a player.

There are times when sportsbooks have every team go head-to-head in an NBA game to find this type of prop betting option. Here are a few NBA team betting options you may see:

  • Will the Los Angeles Lakers lead wire to wire?
  • Who will have more dunks in the game: Chicago Bulls or Detroit Pistons?
  • Will there be over/under 2.5 technical fouls for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Prop bets for the entire season

One of the newest forms of prop betting you will find is what is known as the full season prop bet. This is very similar to a futures bet in traditional sports betting and has become a popular way for a number of bettors to bet on the NBA.

In a full season prop bet, most bets will be locked when the regular season begins. The final outcome of a full season NBA prop bet is not announced until the end of the season and some patience is required for this type of bet.

(Video) NBA Player Props Today | Free NBA Picks (12/21/22) NBA Best Bets and NBA Predictions

Here are some potential full-season NBA prop bets you might be watching:

  • Will a center win the NBA MVP award?
  • Will any NBA team win at least 70 games during the regular season?
  • Over/Under 2.5 teams under .500 making the NBA Playoffs.

NBA All-Star Game Weekend

The NBA All-Star Game has turned into a whole weekend of celebrations and sports bettors across the United States have taken notice. The All-Star Game itself is a big draw, but so are the Slam Dunk Contest and the Three-Point Shootout.

If you're someone looking to bet on the NBA outside of an actual game, then All Star Game weekend might be the perfect time for you. You'll find a long list of NBA prop betting options during this time, and here are some you might see:

  • Which contestant will win the slam dunk contest?
  • Over/Under 28.5 points as the highest score in the three-point shootout.
  • Who Will Win the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award?

Looking for fun or skill options?

Now that you know some of the best NBA prop betting options out there, you must also ask yourself another question: Are you looking for some fun prop bets or do you want to put your NBA knowledge to good use?

Prop betting actually started out as a fun way to bet on the Super Bowl, but you can now bet on prop bets that require some knowledge and skill. Before you hit the submit button on an NBA Prop Betting bet, it's important to know what type of bet you're making.

fun prop bets

A fun prop bet is a way to get non-sports fans interested in a bet on an NBA betting market. This type of prop bet usually requires no basketball knowledge to place the bet and focuses on events that take place off the court.

Here are some examples of potentially fun NBA prop bets:

  • NBA Championship Coach Gets Gatorade Poured On His Head?
  • Will there be a Budweiser promotion in the first quarter?
  • Will a certain celebrity be courtside at this NBA game?


Almost all of the prop betting options listed above in the previous section would be classified under "skill prop betting". These are bets that focus on the action taking place on the floor and require some basic or advanced NBA knowledge to win.

If you want to make a skill NBA prop bet, you need to do some research. There can still be some "luck" involved with this type of bet, but the bettor has a pretty good idea of ​​how a particular game or event will turn out.

NBA Prop Betting Tips

Now that you've read about some of the best NBA prop betting options out there, you're probably excited to get in on the action. Before you start making some NBA prop wagers, it is important to look at some tips or strategies that will help you be more successful with these types of wagers.

Pay attention to the load management

The term "load management" is usually only used in relation to the NBA, and it's a term that can have a huge impact on NBA prop betting. Stress management refers to teams resting some of their star players to keep them healthy and fresh for the postseason.

When top players sit out games, it can have a huge impact on NBA prop betting, especially when it comes to team betting options. This information isn't always easy to find, but it's extremely important that you search long and hard to find out which players may be missing.

Focus on key players

If you are planning to place an NBA prop bet on an individual player, it is advisable to only bet on the biggest stars for each team. These are the players who have the most information available and allow you to do a lot of research.

It might seem tempting to bet on a reserve player to top a certain number of points or assists, but you need to be sure you've researched the latest trends and analyzed that particular matchup.

Show some restraint

Finally, if you are planning to get involved in NBA prop betting, it is imperative that you show some restraint when betting. You will be overwhelmed with NBA prop betting options, but that doesn't mean you have to bet on every market.

(Video) How to Bet NBA Player Props | NBA Player Prop Betting Strategy

It is important to use a smaller betting unit when making an NBA prop betting bet as this bet is not usually easy to win. If you don't like any of the NBA prop betting options listed, it's best to take the night off and try again on a different date.


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