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Coachmen have a huge list of caravans that offer users comfort and security along with the necessary features of a motor home. These motorhomes come in different models with different specifications. Coachmen's Viking series is another level. These caravans have different layouts and interiors to impress a family.

There are two common models of Viking caravans. These are the Viking Saga caravans and Viking Ultra-Lite caravans. We will review these two trailers in detail with their floorplans and functions to explain things better.

Coachman Viking saga

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Viking Saga caravans offer all the comforts of home with their design and construction. They have an attractive interior with LED lighting and everything is placed correctly, making you feel like you are in your own home.

You'll see the value of Dexter E-Z greased axles for smooth towing and the 40-inch front rock guard diamond plate that protects your trailer from rocks and rocks while you head to camp. On the outside there are numerous advantageous highlights, such as the large power overhang, the uncompromising tongue lifter and the double-leaf doors for easy entry.

The common traits in Viking Saga are:

standard functions

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  • Cable/satellite connection
  • Powered Range Vent
  • Radial tires with nitro filling
  • Skylight in the bathroom
  • LED outdoor lights
  • Entrance door with friction hinges
  • LED lighting
  • Heavy Duty Tongue Lifter
  • safety chains
  • Aerodynamisches Frontprofil
  • Tinted safety glass windows
  • bath vent
  • Eurotech entry handle
  • Ultra-comfort high-density pillow

Coachman Viking Saga Floor Plans

1. Coachman Viking Saga 14SR

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At the end of the week, if you want to have a great family time without the hassle of high travel expenses, then the Saga 14SB is a great floorplan for you at that point. From its capacity to rest three people to its fully equipped kitchen with a two-burner stove, this unit gives you everything you need for a fruitful camp experience. Every last lane of this unit has been made the most of with plenty of extra space.

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With the Saga you get a reasonable setup camp experience that actually offers all of the quality and comfort of other full-size units. With its simple towing structure, the Viking Saga caravan is a new upgrade and gives the frugal family a solid unit for long journeys. Norco NXG structure with Huck bolts increases toughness, and 40" diamond plate front safety helps protect your device from rocks while driving.

Key Features

Coachmen Viking Travel Trailer Reviews (Updated 2023) (4)

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  • Two burner range
  • Wardrobe
  • sleep three
  • shower/tub

2. Coachman Viking Saga 17SBH

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The spending plan with the Viking Saga 17SBH caravan is always worthwhile because it is well prepared for long camping trips. This is the ideal family caravan as it includes cots and a regular bed front and center for mum and dad. There is a two burner area to prepare dinner and a sink to clean up each day. You can eat at the booth dinette or take your plate outside to sit under the 12′ power canopy. This model also has a shower/bath to keep you tidy every day and a shower viewing window for real standing room.

The Saga travel trailers feature continuous moldings inside, as well as a EuroLatch entryway, colored safety glass windows and ultra-dry, high-thickness pads for your comfort. Each model of this trailer features a Norco NXG case and solid .030/.024 exterior metal for a durable trailer. Towing is hassle-free with electric brakes, Dexter E-Z grease axles and scissor jacks.

Key Features

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  • Two burner range
  • Full-Size-Bett
  • sleep five
  • storage room

Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer

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TheViking Ultra-Liteis another line of production models from Coachmen that are lightweight and offer great fuel efficiency alongside their great features for a small family. These models feature Norco NXG suspension, a streamlined front profile and Dexter E-Z Lube trucks. Inside, you get private mortise-and-tenon closet entrances, consistent moldings, and ultra-dry, high-thickness pads.

The outdoor shower with sparkling/cold water allows you to wash off your climbing shoes or fill the dogs' water bowl, and the larger than usual overhang provides shade in varying weather conditions.

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There are some common features that make each of the Viking Ultra-Lite models very special.

1. Exterior

The exterior of the Viking Ultra-Lite is fully prepared and well constructed. In the 16BH and 17BH layouts, it is supplied with a bicycle cellar door. A one-piece, elasticated and area-supported roof lasts pretty long, while 6-sided R-7 protective windows keep you warm and cool wherever you go. Outdoor speakers allow you to pay attention to your beloved music at all times.

2. Chassis

Engineered to be as eco-friendly as possible, Viking Ultra-Lite suspension includes a powder-coated I-Bar chassis, Ultra-Lube leaf spring axles, an E-Z tongue lifter, electric brakes and spiral tires. The chassis is strong and very durable.

3. Within

Viking Ultra-Lite is accompanied by numerous extravagances inside, giving you a cozy and sleepy feeling when you go to rest at night. This interior design includes a sturdy private deck. Heavy-duty overlay moldings, small blinds, and window valances add to its inner beauty.

4. kitchen

The cuisine that you get in each of the Ultra-Lite models of Viking travel trailers is unimaginably extraordinary. The kitchen sink allows you to wash pots and pans effectively, while a microwave, dual-burner LP range, and 3-cubic-foot Dometic cooler help you prepare food and keep it fresh. You have the opportunity to cook delicious good dinners for your family wherever you are.

Coachmen Viking Travel Trailer Reviews (Updated 2023) (7)

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5. Choices

Viking Ultra-Lite gives you additional options to change to solve your problems. This includes the addition of versatile Zamp solar chargers, a front expandable bed, and many additional package items.

Coachmen Viking Ultra Lite Floor Plans

There are few common layouts to consider with Viking Ultra Lite caravans.

1. Coachman Viking Ultra Lite 17BHS

Coachmen Viking Travel Trailer Reviews (Updated 2023) (8)

The Viking Ultra-Lite 17BHS is a common layout that comes as a small model trailer that can still stack all of the luggage of you and your family. This Viking Ultra-Lite caravan model can set up the electric canopy and dinette slide right out of the box, and you can easily connect electricity and water for easy accessibility.

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When you're ready to eat, head inside to use the two-burner stovetop and microwave to prepare dinner. The kids will love their own arrangement of cribs and you'll appreciate having the security of your own 36 inch tub. It features Dexter E-Z Lube axles and a streamlined front profile for a better ride on any trail. For safety, there is a stone guard at the front. The AM/FM Bluetooth sound system with application control and interior provide quick access to fun and entertainment.

Key Features

  • dinette slide
  • pantry
  • Simple shop door
  • bunk bed
  • double bed
  • Two burner range

2. Coachman Viking Ultra-Lite 18RBSS

Coachmen Viking Travel Trailer Reviews (Updated 2023) (9)

Another great layout for Viking Ultra-Lite is the 18RBSS. With this floor plan, you can envision a giant slide that can accommodate both you and your visitors on a couch or dinette to have dinner and play games. There is an additional secret bunk with room for a child to easily settle in and rest. There is an entertainment system at the rear and the divider provides direct access to this trailer's bathroom.

You can enjoy the feeling of tuning in with the simple AM/FM Bluetooth sound system with application control, and the interior offers quick and direct access to connectivity and entertainment. There's a full bed front and center for those lazy campers, and you'll actually want to prepare each of your dinners in the fully equipped kitchen, which features a two-burner range, microwave, and 7-cubic-foot refrigerator. Join any Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailer in smooth towing with the Norco NXG chassis.

Key Features

  • full bed
  • Booth dinette
  • Sofa
  • Hidden bunk


This was Coachmen Viking's travel trailer review where we reviewed the Viking Saga series and the Viking Ultra-Lite caravan model. We have shared their features and floor plans in detail.


Is Viking a good pop up camper?

The Viking caravan trailer is a good camper with 16 unique choices. This little pop-up camper trailer is packed with goodies. Exceptional for a family to set up camp for seven days and easy to attach to any location for a great camping trip.

Is Coachmen RV a good brand?

Coachman is a great brand that makes RVs, RVs, and RVs. They have a huge selection of caravans and fifth wheels as well as small motorhomes.

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